Question: The Children s Bureau of the U S Department of Health and

The Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a monu monumental job. In 2006, 510,000 children were in foster care. Of those, approximately 303,000 entered during the 2006 year (10/1/05–9/20/06). The following table lists the ages of children who entered foster care during the 2006 year and the number in each age group.
a. Construct a scatter diagram of the ages when children entered foster care, x, and the number of children in each age group, y.
b. What do you think causes the unusual pattern shown on the scatter diagram?
c. Does it appear that these two variables are correlated?
d. Are we justified in using the techniques of linear regression on these data? Explain.
e. Are there any particular age groups where techniques of linear regression may be justified?

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