The Evanstonian is an upscale independent hotel that caters to both business and leisure travelers. When a guest calls room service at The Evanstonian, the room-service manager takes down the order. The service manager then submits an order ticket to the kitchen to
begin preparing the food. She also gives an order to the sommelier ( i. e., the wine waiter) to fetch wine from the cellar and to prepare any other alcoholic beverages. Finally, she assigns the order to a waiter. It takes 4 minutes to take down the order and to assign the work to the kitchen, sommelier, and waiter. It takes the kitchen 18 minutes to prepare the typical order. It takes the sommelier 6 minutes to prepare the drinks for the order. While the kitchen and the sommelier are doing their tasks, the waiter readies a cart ( i. e., puts a tablecloth on the cart and gathers silver-ware). This takes 10 minutes per order. Once the food, wine, and cart are ready, the waiter delivers it to the guest’s room. It takes the waiter 12 minutes to deliver the meal to the customer. It takes the waiter additional 4 minutes to return to the station and debit the guest’s account. All the times mentioned represent flow time at the various activities, and include the effects of waiting.
a. Draw a process map for the room- service process: from receipt of order to delivery of food
b. What is the flow time of the process?
c. What is the effect on the process flow time if the waiter could prepare the cart in 8 minutes, instead of 10?
d. What is the effect on the process flow time if the waiter could deliver the order in 10 minutes, instead of 12?

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