A home insurance application consists of two forms F1 which
A home insurance application consists of two forms: F1, which relates to the home owner, and F2, which relates to the property. On receipt, each application is processed, recorded, and separated into F1 and F2. This operation requires 10 minutes. F1 requires Activity Afor 15 minutes per unit and then Activity B for 10 minutes per unit. F2 requires Activity C for 20 minutes per unit. F1 and F2 are then combined and further processed by a loan officer for 15 minutes. All the times mentioned represent flow time at the various activities, and include the effects of waiting.
a. Draw a process flowchart for the processes.
b. What is the flow time?
c. What is the effect on flow time if 50 percent of F1 forms must repeat Activity Aone more time due to quality problems?
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