The file Zeitlerselectronics contains data on customers who purchased electronic equipment either online or in-store from Zeitler’s Department Stores.
a. Create a parallel coordinates plot using XLMiner for these data. Include vertical axes for the customer’s age, annual income, and distance from nearest store. Color the lines by the type of purchase made by the customer (online or in-store).
b. How does this parallel coordinates plot compare to the one shown in Problem 21 for clothing purchases. Does the division between online and in-store purchasing habits for customer’s buying electronics equipment appear to be the same as for those customers buying clothing?
c. Parallel coordinates plots are very useful for interacting with your data to perform analysis. Filter the parallel coordinates plot in XLMiner so that only customers whose home is more than 40 miles from the nearest store are displayed. What do you learn from the parallel coordinates plot about these customers?

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