The following are selected measures of service efforts and accomplishments that might be appropriate for a university. For each, indicate whether it is an input, output, or outcome and state the objective with which it would most likely be associated. If it could be more than one, explain why. (e.g., number and amount of research grants could be either an input or outcome associated with the objective of increasing the quality and quantity of research. Research grants are given as a reward for past research accomplishments and are therefore an outcome of a successful research program. At the same time, they facilitate research to be conducted in the future and are thereby an input.)
1. Tuition revenues
2. Number of students enrolled
3. Number and percentage of students passing the CPA Exam
4. Number of articles published by faculty in specified ''top-tier'' journals
5. Scholastic Aptitude Test scores
6. Graduate Record Exam scores
7. Revenues generated by a football program

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