Question: The following are several activities that Wallingford Inc engaged in

The following are several activities that Wallingford Inc. engaged in
1. Wrote off an open receivable as uncollected.
2. Purchased a piece of plant equipment.
3. Reacquired 5,000 shares of its common stock.
4. Sold a building in exchange for a five-year note.
5. Declared, but did not pay, a cash dividend.
6. Retired bonds payable by issuing common stock.
7. Collected on a long-term note receivable.
8. Issued a stock dividend.
9. Recorded depreciation on fixed assets. (Assume that the direct method is used.)
10. Paid interest on long-term debt.
11. Purchased inventory on account.
12. Collected open accounts receivable.
13. Exchanged a building for land.
14. Issued 75,000 shares of preferred stock.
15. Purchased a two-year fire insurance policy.
Assume that each of these transactions involved cash unless otherwise indicated. Indicate in which section of the statement of cash flows each transaction would be classified. Classify each transaction as one of the following:
a. An operating activity
b. An investing activity
c. A financing activity
d. Not included on the statement of cash flows

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