The following is a list of 12 control plans from this chapter or from Chapters 8 and 9.
Control Plans
A. Customer credit check
B. Review open sales orders (tickler file)
C. Manual reconciliation of batch totals
D. Populate input screens with master data
E. Online prompting
F. Preformatted screens
G. Programmed edit checks (reasonableness check)
H. Library controls
I. Confirm input acceptance
J. Operations run manual
K. Segregation of duties
L. Open sales order data
The following are 10 statements describing either the achievement of a control goal (i. e., a system success) or a system deficiency. Control Goals or System Deficiencies
1. Results in the efficient employment of resources; when the order entry clerk keys the customer number, the computer supplies the customer name, billing address, and other standing data about the customer.
2. Meets both the effectiveness goal that sales are made only to credit worthy customers and the information systems control goal of sales order input validity.
3. Helps to achieve the information systems control goal of input accuracy by ensuring that dates are entered as MM/ DD/ YY.
4. Helps to achieve the information systems control goal of input accuracy by providing interactive dialogue with the data entry person.
5. Results in the efficient employment of resources by providing detailed instructions to computer operations personnel for running production jobs.
6. Addresses the information system control goals of both input accuracy and input completeness.
7. Could have prevented the clerk from entering 10 boxes of an item when a customer ordered 10 each of an item.
8. Can be compared to the goods and the picking ticket to prevent unauthorized shipments.
9. Should prevent unauthorized access to programs, files, and documentation.
10. Helps to ensure that goods are received from the warehouses in a timely manner to help to ensure the effectiveness goal of timely shipment of goods to customers.
Match the 10 control goals or system deficiencies with a control plan that would best prevent the system failure from occurring. Because there are 12 control plans, you should have two letters left over.

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