Question: The following is an excerpt from a Consumer Reports article The

The following is an excerpt from a Consumer Reports article.
The platinum Gasaver makes some impressive claims. The device, $188 for two, is guaranteed to increase gas mileage by 22% says the manufacturer, National Fuelsaver. Also, the company quotes “the government” as concluding, “Independent testing shows greater fuel savings with Gasaver than the 22 percent claimed by the developer.” Readers have told us they want to know more about it.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), after its lab tests of the Platinum Gasaver, concluded, “Users of the device would not be expected to realize either an emission or fuel economy benefit.” The Federal Trade Commission says, “No government agency endorses gas-saving products for cars.”
Determine the null and alternative hypotheses that the EPA used to draw the conclusion stated in the second paragraph.

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