The following is information about three different companies 1 Noon Wake
The following is information about three different companies.
1. Noon Wake up Company is a software game development company that creates titles for the Android operating system. The company recently launched its first software title. The company is expanding its operations by hiring additional developers and administrative staff. Noon Wakeup is not yet profitable, but it expects to show' a profit within 2 years. Investors view' the company as being on the cutting edge with its technology and have continued to invest in the company. Noon wakeup has not yet borrowed money, but is considering doing so in the future.
2. Steel Grid Company is a textile company located in Waynesboro, NC. The company is experiencing its 20th year of profitability. Management is concerned by the recent economic downturn in the textile business, which has hurt sales in the 3 most recent fiscal years. Next year the company expects to just break even. For this reason, the company is not expanding and is only replacing fully depreciated equipment in its machine intensive manufacturing business. Steel Grid prides itself in paving dividends and having no debt on its balance sheet.
3. Device Driver Company is a technology manufacturing company located in Bloomington, IN. The company has just introduced its 10th new product and is the leader in market share for its industry'. The company continues to invest in new equipment and property' and to expand by purchasing its competitors. The company has yet to pay dividends, but it is considering doing so in the future. The company’s largest current asset is cash, as a result of its high profit margin; because of this, the com parry has no need for external sources of cash.
For each company', prepare a report examining whether you think the company’s current cash flows from each activity (operating, investing, and financing) will be positive (the activity' provides cash) or negative (the activity' uses cash). Provide support for your answers.
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