Question: The following series of statements or phrases are associated with

The following series of statements or phrases are associated with product life-cycle viewpoints. Identify whether each one is associated with the marketing, production, or customer viewpoint. Where possible, identify the particular characteristic being described. If the statement or phrase fits more than one viewpoint, label it as interactive. Explain the interaction.
a. Sales are increasing at an increasing rate.
b. The cost of maintaining the product after it is purchased.
c. The product is losing market acceptance and sales are beginning to decrease.
d. A design is chosen to minimize post-purchase costs.
e. Ninety percent or more of the costs are committed during the development stage.
f. The length of time that the product serves the needs of a customer.
g. All the costs associated with a product for its entire life cycle.
h. The time in which a product generates revenue for a company.
i. Profits tend to reach peak levels during this stage.
j. Customers have the lowest price sensitivity during this stage.
k. Describes the general sales pattern of a product as it passes through distinct life-cycle stages.
l. The concern is with product performance and price.
m. Actions taken so that life-cycle profits are maximized.
n. Emphasizes internal activities that are needed to develop, produce, market, and service

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