The following table provides a frequency distribution for the ages of adult women seeking pregnancy tests at public health facilities in Missouri during a 3-month period. It appeared in the article "Factors Affecting Contraceptive Use in Women Seeking Pregnancy Tests" (Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 124-131) by M. Sable et al.
Age (yr) Frequency
18–19 .......... 89
20–24 .......... 130
25–29 .......... 66
30–39 .......... 26
For one of these woman selected at random, let
A = event the woman is at least 25 years old,
B = event the woman is at most 29 years old,
C = event that the woman is between 18 and 29 years old, and
D = event that the woman is at least 20 years old.
Describe the following events in words, and determine the number of outcomes (women) that constitute each event.
a. (not D)
b. (B & D)
c. (C or A)
d. (A & B)

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