The following transactions occurred for Mouawad Inc 1 Inventory costing 300 000
The following transactions occurred for Mouawad Inc.
1. Inventory costing $300,000 was purchased on account.
2. A new vehicle costing $30,000 was purchased. Mouawad paid $5,000 as a down payment and the remaining $25,000 was financed through a bank loan.
3. Surplus land was sold for $80,000, which was $20,000 more than its original cost.
4. During the year, the company made a payment of $20,000 on its mortgage payable; $2,500 of this amount was for the interest on the debt.
5. Wages of $45,000 were charged to expense as they were incurred. No wages were owing to the employees at the end of the year.
6. The company declared and paid dividends of $30,000.
For each of the above items:
a. Identify the accounts affected and give the amounts by which they would be increased or decreased.
b. State the amount of any cash flow and whether cash is increased or decreased.
c. Identify how each item would be reported in Mouawad’s statement of cash flows.
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