The GMI Ratings’ 2013 Women on Boards Survey showed that progress on most measures of female board representation continues to be slow. The study reported that 68 of 101 (67%) of French companies sampled, 148 of 212 (70%) of Australian companies sampled, 28 of 30 (93%) of Norwegian companies sampled, 31 of 58 (53%) of Singaporean companies, and 96 of 145 (66%) of Canadian companies sampled have at least one female director on their boards. (Data extracted from GMI Ratings’ 2013 Woman on Boards Survey, http:// bit. ly/ 1jPXYc4.)
a. Is there evidence of a significant difference among the countries with respect to the proportion of companies that have at least one female director on their boards? (Use α= 0.05).
b. Determine the p value and interpret its meaning.

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