The hydrocarbon naphthalene was frequently used in mothballs until recently, when it was discovered that human inhalation of naphthalene vapors can lead to hemolytic anemia. Naphthalene is 93.71% carbon by mass, and a 0.256-mole sample of naphthalene has a mass of 32.8 g. What is the molecular formula of naphthalene? This compound works as a pesticide in mothballs by sublimation of the solid so that it fumigates enclosed spaces with its vapors according to the equation Naphthalene(s) ⇌ naphthalene(g) K = 4.29 × 10-6 (at 298 K)
If 3.00 g of solid naphthalene is placed in an enclosed space with a volume of 5.00 L at 25oC, what percentage of the naphthalene will have sublimed once equilibrium has been established?

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