Question: The Jawarski Company has the following balance sheet data

The Jawarski Company has the following balance sheet data ($ in millions):

Net income for 20X1 was $55 million. Net cash inflow from operating activities was $88 million. Cash dividends paid were $14 million. Depreciation was $40 million. Fixed assets were purchased for $240 million, $150 million of which was financed via the issuance of long-term debt outright for cash. Georg Jawarski, the president and majority stockholder of the Jawarski Company, was a superb operating executive. He was imaginative and aggressive in marketing, and ingenious and creative in production. However, he had little patience with financial matters. After examining the most recent balance sheet and income statement, he muttered, “We’ve enjoyed 10 years of steady growth; 20X1 was our most profitable ever. Despite such profitability, we’re in the worst cash position in our history. Just look at those current liabilities in relation to our available cash! This whole picture of the more you make, the poorer you get, just does not make sense. These statements must be wrong.”
1. Prepare a statement of cash flows for 20X1 using the indirect method.
2. By using the statement of cash flows and other information, write a short memorandum to Jawarski, explaining why there is such a squeeze oncash.
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