The Moose Wings Cooperative Flight Club owns a number of airplanes and gliders. It serves fewer than 2,000 members, who are numbered sequentially from the founder, Tom Eagle (0001), to the newest member, Jacques Noveau (1368). Members rent the flying machines by the hour, and all must be returned on the same day. The following six records were among those entered for the flights taken on September 1, 2010:

Valid plane codes (plane used column): C = Cessna, G = glider, L = Lear Jet, P = Piper Cub)
a. Identify and describe any errors in the data.
b. For each of the five data fields, suggest one or more input edit controls that could be used to detect input errors.
c. Enter the data in a spreadsheet and create appropriate controls to prevent or at least detect the input errors.
d. Suggest other controls to minimize the risk of inputerrors.

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