Question: The risks associated with smoking are well known Virtually all

The risks associated with smoking are well known. Virtually all physicals recommend that their patients quit. This raises the question, what are the risks for people who quit smoking compared to continuing smokers and those who have never smoked?
In a study described in the Journal of Internal Medicine researchers took samples of each of the following groups.
Group 1: Never smokers
Group 2: Continuing smokers
Group 3: Smokers who quit
At the beginning of the 10-year research project, there were 238 people who had never smoked and 155 smokers. Over the year, 39 smokers quit. The weight gain, increase in systolic blood pressure (SBP), and increase in diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were measured and recorded. Determine whether differences exist between the three groups in terms of weight gain, increases in systolic blood pressure, and increases in diastolic blood pressure and which groups differ.

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