Question: The shareholders equity portion of the balance sheet of Sessel

The shareholders' equity portion of the balance sheet of Sessel's Department Stores, Inc., a large regional specialty retailer, is as follows:

Disclosures elsewhere in Sessel's annual report revealed the following changes in shareholders' equity accounts for 2012, 2011, 2010:

1. The only changes in retained earnings during 2012 were preferred dividends on preferred stock of $3,388,000 and net income.
2. The preferred stock is convertible. During the year, 6,592 shares were issued. All shares were converted into 320,000 shares of common stock. No gain or loss was recorded on the conversion.
3. Common shares were issued in a public offering and upon the exercise of stock options. On the statement of shareholders' equity, Sessel's reports these two items on a single line entitled: “Issuance of shares.”

1. Net income: $12,126,000.
2. Issuance of common stock: 5,580,000 shares at $112,706,000.

1. Net income: $13,494,000.
2. Issuance of common stock: 120,000 shares at $826,000.

From these disclosures, prepare comparative statements of shareholders' equity for 2012, 2011, and 2010.

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