Question: There are many alternatives to help companies prepare XBRL tagged

There are many alternatives to help companies prepare XBRL- tagged financial information for regulatory filings. XBRL. org provides a listing of some of the organizations that provide these alternatives (xbrl. org/ tools- and- services/ ( purchase- basic- listing? keys=reporting&field_purchase-basic-listing?keys=reporting&field_tool_category_value_ many_ to_ purchase-basic-listing?keys=reporting&field_tool_category_value_many_to_one= All& field_tools_product_category_ one=All&field_tools_product_category_value_ many_ to_ one=All&one=All&field_tools_product_category_value_many_to_one=All&field_tools_services_ category_ value_ many_ to_ one= services_category_value_many_to_one= All). Identify two service providers, one that provides outsourcing services for the tagging/ filing process and another that helps complete the process internal to the company. What do each of the vendors purport to be their strengths? (For example, the out-source vendor will likely provide reasons why outsourcing is the preferred method, while the internal software provider will likely claim the converse.) What are weaknesses of each alternative?

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