Question: True And False 1 Fraud is difficult to detect because

(True And False)
1. Fraud is difficult to detect because some fraud symptoms often cannot be differentiated from non-fraud factors that appear to be symptoms.

2. The three elements of the fraud triangle by which the investigative techniques are often classified are
(1) The theft act,
(2) Concealment efforts, and
(3) Conversion methods.

3. Organizations often want to avoid embarrassment and expense, so they terminate fraudulent employees without having them prosecuted further.

4. Criminal conviction is much more difficult to achieve than a civil judgment because there must be proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the perpetrator intentionally stole assets.

5. In order to create a culture of honesty and confidentiality, persons aware of fraudulent activity should be encouraged to tell only the CEO.

6. Since complete fraud prevention is impossible because it requires changing actual human behavior, successful companies should forgo fraud prevention and instead focus on strong fraud detection programs.

7. Since fraud prevention programs are so costly, despite being ethically superior, they almost always result in higher costs and thus lower net income than using only a strong system of fraud detection.

8. Most fraud perpetrators have a long history of dishonesty and deceit.

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