Two researchers at Johns Hopkins University studied the use of drug products in the ­elderly. Patients in a recent study were asked the extent to which physicians counseled them with regard to their drug therapies. The researchers found the following:
• 25.4% of the patients said their physicians did not explain what the drug was ­supposed to do.
• 91.6% indicated they were not told how the drug might “bother’’ them.
• 47.1% indicated their physicians did not ask how the drug “helped’’ or “bothered’’ them after therapy was started.
• 87 .7% indicated the drug was not changed after discussion of how the therapy was “helping” or “bothering” them.
a. Assume that 500 patients were interviewed in this study. Summarize each of these results using a 95% confidence interval.
b. Do you have any comments about the validity of any of these results?

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