Question: Use the definition of odds given in Exercise 2 15 to

Use the definition of “odds” given in Exercise 2.15 to convert each of the following probabilities to odds:
(a) The probability that the last digit of a car’s license plate is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 is 6/10.
(b) The probability of getting at least two heads in four flips of a balanced coin is 11/16.
(c) The probability of rolling “ 7 or 11” with a pair of balanced dice is 29 .
In exercise
The odds that an event will occur are given by the ratio of the probability that the event will occur to the probability that it will not occur, provided neither probability is zero. Odds are usually quoted in terms of positive integers having no common factor. Show that if the odds are A to B that an event will occur, its probability is P = A / A + B

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