Use the result of part c of Exercise 8 58 to
Use the result of part (c) of Exercise 8.58 to set up an equation in n whose solution will give the sample size that is required to be able to assert with probability 1 - a that the proportion of the population contained between the smallest and largest sample values is at least p. Show that for ρ = 0.90 and α = 0.05 this equation can be written as (0.90)n-1 = 1 / 2n+ 18 This kind of equation is difficult to solve, but it can be shown that an approximate solution for n is given by
1/2 + 1/4 ∙ 1 + p / 1 - p ∙ x2α,4 where x2α,4 must be looked up in Table V. Use this method to find an approximate solution of the equation for ρ = 0.90 and α = 0.05.
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