Using the data in Problem 4 39 apply linear regression to
Using the data in Problem 4.39, apply linear regression to study the relationship between the robbery rate and Dr. Sweeney’s patient load. If the robbery rate increases to 131.2 in year 11, how many phobic patients will Dr. Sweeney treat? If the robbery rate drops to 90.6, what is the patient projection?
In Problem 4.39, Dr. Susan Sweeney, a Providence, Rhode Island, psychologist, specializes in treating patients who are agoraphobic (i.e., afraid to leave their homes). The following table indicates how many patients Dr. Sweeney has seen each year for the past 10 years. It also indicates what the robbery rate was in Providence during the same year:

Using trend analysis, predict the number of patients Dr. Sweeney will see in years 11 and 12 as a function of time. How well does the model fir thedata?
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