Question: When we use the 2008 GSS to evaluate how the

When we use the 2008 GSS to evaluate how the mean number of hours a day watching TV depends on gender and race, we get the results shown in the ANOVA table that follows.
a. Identify the response variable and the factors.
b. From the table, specify the test statistic and P-value for the test of no interaction. Interpret the result.
c. Is there a significant
(i) Gender effect and
(ii) Race effect? Explain.
d. The sample means were 2.82 for white females, 2.68 for white males, 4.52 for black females, and 4.19 for black males. Explain how these results are compatible with the results of the tests discussed in part c.
Analysis of Variance for TVHOURS, using Adjusted SS for Tests

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