Which phase of the SDLC is described by each independent
Which phase of the SDLC is described by each independent case below?
a. Dolores used design specifications to create database tables for employee records.
b. Eric works at a “help desk” answering questions about patching issues in World of Warcraft.
c. Esther must decide how many “action buttons” to put on an Access form for entering pur-
chase requisitions.
d. Liliane completed several simulations of a new inventory control system, then made recom-
mendations for changes in how the system was designed and built.
e. Marcel prepared a leveled set of data flow diagrams for a new sales/collection process, then
used the set as a basis for discussion with the sales staff.
f. Tony wants to move from incremental budgeting to zero-based budgeting.
g. When the accounting staff of CHF Corporation arrived at work on Monday morning, their
old manual accounting system had been replaced.
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