You and several friends are about to prepare a lasagna dinner. The tasks to be performed, their immediate predecessors, and their estimated durations are as follows:
*There is none in the refrigerator.
(a) Construct the project network for preparing this dinner.
(b) Find all the paths and path lengths through this project network. Which of these paths is a critical path?
(c) Find the earliest start time and earliest finish time for each activity.
(d) Find the latest start time and latest finish time for each activity.
(e) Find the slack for each activity. Which of the paths is a critical path?
(f) Because of a phone call, you were interrupted for 6 minutes when you should have been cutting the onions and mushrooms. By how much will the dinner be delayed? If you use your food processor, which reduces the cutting time from 7 to 2 minutes, will the dinner still be delayed?

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