You would like to determine what students at your school would be willing to do to help address global warming and the development of alternatively fueled vehicles. To do this, you take a random sample of 100 students. One question you ask them is, “How high of a tax would you be willing to add to gasoline (per gallon) in order to encourage drivers to drive less or to drive more fuel-efficient cars?” You also ask, “Do you believe (yes or no) that global warming is a serious issue that requires immediate action such as the development of alternatively fueled vehicles?” In your statistical analysis, use inferential methods to compare the mean response on gasoline taxes (the first question) for those who answer yes and for those who answer no to the second question. For this analysis,
a. Identify the response variable and the explanatory variable.
b. Are the two groups being compared independent samples or dependent samples? Why?
c. Identify a confidence interval you could form to compare the groups, specifying the parameters used in the comparison.

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