Question: Your organization has decided to institute a suggestion system Employees

Your organization has decided to institute a suggestion system. Employees on hourly pay scales will be asked to submit suggestions. (Managers and other employees on salary are not eligible for this program; they are supposed to be continually suggesting ways to improve things as part of their regular jobs.) If the evaluating committee thinks that the suggestion will save money, the employee will receive 10% of the first year’s estimated annual savings. If the suggestion won’t save money but will improve work conditions, service, or morale, the employee will get a check for $100. The following memos are possible approaches. How well does each message meet the criteria in the checklist for informative and positive messages?
Subject: Suggestion System (SS)
I want to introduce you to the Suggestion System (SS). This program enables the production worker to offer ideas about improving his job description, working conditions, and general company procedures. The plan can operate as a finely tuned machine, with great ideas as its product.
Operation will begin October 1. Once a week, a designate of SS will collect the ideas and turn them over to the SS Committee. This committee will evaluate and judge the proposed changes.
Only employees listed as factory workers are eligible. This excludes foremen and the rest of supervisory personnel. Awards are as follows:
1. $100 awards will be given to those ideas judged operational. These are awarded monthly.
2. There will be grand prizes given for the best suggestions over the six-month span.
Ideas are judged on feasibility, originality, operational simplicity, and degree of benefit to the worker and company. Evaluation made by the SS Committee is final. Your questions should be channeled to my office.

2. Subject: Establishment of Suggestion System
We announce the establishment of a Suggestion System. This new program is designed to provide a means for hourly employees to submit suggestions to company management concerning operations and safety. The program will also provide an award system to compensate non management employees for implemented suggestions.
Here is how the program will work: beginning October 1, suggestions can be submitted by hourly workers to the company on Form 292, which will be furnished to all plants and their departments by October 1st. On the form, the submitting employee should include the suggestion, his or her name, and the department number. The form can be deposited in a suggestion drop box, which will be located near the personnel office in each plant.
Any suggestion dealing with the improvement of operations, safety, working conditions, or morale is eligible for consideration. The award structure for the program will be as follows:
1. For an implemented suggestion which improves safety or efficiency with no associated monetary benefits or cost reduction: $100.00.
2. For an implemented suggestion which makes or saves the company money: 10% of the first year’s estimated annual savings or additional revenue. It is hoped that we will have a good initial and continuous response from all hourly employees. This year, we are out to try to cut production costs, and this program may be the vehicle through which we will realize new savings and increased revenues. New ideas which can truly increase operational efficiency or cut safety problems will make the company a nicer place for all employees. A safer work environment is a better work environment. If department operations can be made more efficient, this will eventually make everyone’s job just a little easier, and give that department and its employees a sense of pride.

3. Subject: New Employee Suggestion System
Beginning October 1, all of you who are hourly employees of Tyfor Manufacturing will be able to get cash awards when your suggestions for improving the company are implemented.
Ideas about any aspect of Tyfor Manufacturing are eligible: streamlining behind the- counter operations, handling schedule problems, increasing the life of line machines.
If your idea cuts costs or increases income (e.g., increasing production, decreasing line accidents), you’ll receive 10% of the first year’s estimated annual savings.
If the idea doesn’t save money but does improve service, work conditions, or morale, you’ll receive a check for $100. To submit a suggestion, just pick up a form from your manager. On the form, explain your suggestion, describe briefly how it could be implemented, and show how it will affect Tyfor Manufacturing. Return the completed form in the new suggestion box behind the back counter. Suggestions will be evaluated at the end of each month. Turn in as many ideas as you like!
Think about ways to solve the problems you face every day. Can we speed up the materials check-in process? Cut paperwork? Give customers faster service? Decrease the percentage of line flaws? Your ideas will keep Tyfor Manufacturing competitive. Ten years ago, Tyfor Manufacturing was the only supplier in the Midwest. Now we have three regional competitors,
in addition to numerous international ones. Efficiency, creativity, and quality can keep Tyfor Manufacturing ahead. Employees whose ideas are implemented will be recognized in the regional Tyfor Manufacturing newsletter. The award will also be a nice accomplishment to add to any college application or résumé. By suggesting ways to improve Tyfor Manufacturing, you’ll demonstrate your creativity and problem-solving abilities. And you’ll be able to share the credit for keeping Tyfor Manufacturing a profitable manufacturing concern.

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