Question: Today you get this request from a subordinate Subject Request

Today, you get this request from a subordinate.
Subject: Request for Leave
You know that I’ve been feeling burned out. I’ve decided that I want to take a three month leave of absence this summer to travel abroad. I’ve got five weeks of vacation time saved up; I would take the rest as unpaid leave. Just guarantee that my job will be waiting when I come back!
You decide to grant the request. The following messages are possible responses. How well does each message meet the criteria in the checklist for informative and positive messages?

1. Subject: Re: Request for Leave
I highly recommend Italy. Spend a full week in Florence, if you can. Be sure to visit the
Brancacci Chapel—it’s been restored, and the frescoes are breathtaking. And I can give you the names of some great restaurants. You may never want to come back!

2. Subject: Your Request for Leave
As you know, we are in a very competitive position right now. Your job is important, and there is no one who can easily replace you. However, because you are a valued employee, I will permit you to take the leave you request, as long as you train a replacement before you leave.

3. Subject: Your Request for Leave Granted
Yes, you may take a three-month leave of absence next summer using your five weeks of accumulated vacation time and taking the rest as unpaid leave. And yes, your job will be waiting for you when you return!
I’m appointing Garrick to take over your duties while you’re gone. Talk with him to determine how much training time he’ll need, and let me know when the training is scheduled.
Have a great summer! Let us know every now and then how you’re doing!

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