Discuss the role of media specialist companies. Why are marketers likely to use a media specialist company to handle their media buying and planning versus the media department of an agency? OLUTION Media specialist companies specialize in media planning and the buying of media, particularly radio television and magazines. The task of purchasing media has grown increasingly complex as more media options emerge. Media specialist companies provide an important service by specializing in the analysis and purchasing of media time and space. Also, because media specialist companies purchase large amounts of time and space, they often receive large discounts and can save their clients money on media purchases or provide them with more exposure from a media budget. Many agencies, as well as their clients, have recognized that it is very difficult to staff and operate a media department that can provide the same level of service as media specialist companies. Thus, agencies have been unbundling media buying from the services they offer clients. Many large agency holding companies now own media services companies to better serve their clients. These media specialist companies often handle the media planning and buying for other companies that may use a different agency for their creative work.

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