Question: 1 Have you ever been frustrated with out of date information technology

1. Have you ever been frustrated with out-of-date information technology in the workplace? If so, explain how it hampered your communication.
2. From a strategic standpoint, what are the arguments against uncontrolled information technology in the workplace?
3. As a top-level manager, what information technology policies would you put in place? What would you do to enforce those policies?
4. What is your personal stance on “Technology Populism”? What are the implications of your position for organizations?
5. What evidence of Net Gen norms (see Table 14-6) can you find in this case? Are they potentially positive or disruptive to organizational success? Explain.
6. How can Unilever’s Wendy Wilkes give employees more digital freedom without endangering the company? Explain in terms of specific tools such as Skype, Webcam videoconferencing, iPods, Facebook, and Twitter.

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