1. Perform the correct analysis and interpret your findings with regard to the Hobbit’s Choice Restaurant menu, décor, and atmosphere for those people who prefer to drive less than 30 minutes to get to the restaurant.
2. Do older or younger people want unusual desserts and/or unusual entrees?
3. Use the variable that distinguishes the “Probable patrons” (likely to patronize Hobbit’s Choice = 4 or = 5) for the “Not probable patrons” (likely to patronize Hobbit’s Choice = 1, = 2, or = 3). If the probable patrons constitute the Hobbit’s Choice Restaurant target market, what is the demographic makeup of this target market? Use the demographics of household income, education level, gender, and zip code.
4. Is the City Magazine is a viable advertising medium for Jeff Dean to use? Apart from this question, are there other viable promotion vehicles that Jeff should know about?

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