Question: 1 What application development methods will you use Explain your

1. What application development methods will you use? Explain your answer. What development tools will help your team finish the business support system and how will you use them?
2. Prepare a structure chart that shows the main program functions for the New Century system.
3. Develop a testing plan for the new system that addresses unit, integration, and system testing. Design the test data, and explain the design.

You completed the systems design for the business support system at New Century Wellness Group. The network will include a server, 27 workstations, and five network printers. The partners at the clinic have approved the design specification, and you hired two programmers, Bill Miller and Celia Goldring, to assist you with the programming and testing of the new system. You now are ready to finish the software development and begin installation, testing, and evaluation of the new system. Before you begin, you should review the DFDs, object-oriented diagrams, ERDs, and table designs that you prepared during systems analysis and systems design.

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