Question: 1 What are the three fundamental theses in Finnis s reconstruction

1. What are the three fundamental theses in Finnis’s reconstruction of the view of homosexuality among philosophers in the ancient Western tradition?
2. Why does Finnis condemn all non-marital intercourse, including homosexual relations, masturbation, and prostitution?
3. How does Finnis explain the basis of his argument in natural law?
4. What would Finnis say about sex among married heterosexual partners who are sterile?
5. How does Finnis connect his argument about homosexuality with his views on the ethics of adultery and why it violates the marital relation?
6. What is the purpose of marriage, according to Finnis? And why does Finnis claim that gay marriage is “a sham?”
7. Why does Finnis worry that gay marriage might lead to group marriages and revolving partnerships?

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