Question: A study of 13 children suffering from asthma Clinical and

A study of 13 children suffering from asthma (Clinical and Experimental Allergy, vol. 20, pp. 429–432, 1990) compared single inhaled doses of formoterol (F) and salbutamol (S). Each child was evaluated using both medications. The outcome measured was the child’s peak expiratory flow (PEF) eight hours following treatment. Is there a difference in the PEF level for the two medications? The data on PEF follow:
a. Construct plots to compare formoterol and salbutamol. Write a short summary comparing the two distributions of the peak expiratory flow.
b. Consider the distribution of differences between the PEF levels of the two medications. Find the 13 differences and construct and interpret a plot of the differences. If on the average there is no difference between the PEF level for the two brands, where would you expect the differences to be centered?

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