Question: Roger Maris who spent most of his professional baseball career

Roger Maris, who spent most of his professional baseball career with the New York Yankees, held the record for the most home runs in one season (61) from 1961 until 1998, when the record was broken by Mark McGwire. Maris played in the major leagues from 1957 to 1968. The number of home runs he hit in each year that he played is summarized in MINITAB output as shown.
a. Use the 3 standard deviation criterion to determine if any potential outliers are present.
b. The criterion in (part a) requires the distribution to be approximately bell-shaped. Is there any evidence here to contradict this? Explain.
c. A sports writer commented that Roger Maris hit only 13 home runs in 1966. Was this unusual for Maris? Comment, using statistical justification.

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