Question: Below are listed key word clues and descriptions The key word

Below are listed key word clues and descriptions. The key word clues relate to different features or aspects of equity. Match the letter of each key word clue to the most relevant description provided. Use each clue only once.
a. authorized
b. charter
c. common
d. contributed
e. cumulative
f. declaration
g. issued
h. outstanding
i. par
j. payment
k. preemptive
l. preferred
m. record
n. redeemable
o. retained
p. split
q. stock
r. treasury
_____ 1. Shares of a company’s own stock that have been reacquired by the company
_____ 2. Capital resulting from direct investments made by stockholders in the company
_____ 3. Earnings that have not been distributed to owners as dividends
_____ 4. The voting stock in a corporation
_____ 5. The actual number of shares that have been sold or given to stockholders
_____ 6. The document granted by a state that gives a corporation the legal right to exist
_____ 7. An arbitrary value assigned to a share of stock (not a very meaningful value)
_____ 8. The maximum number of shares that a corporation is permitted to issue
_____ 9. Stock that receives a fixed dividend amount
_____ 10. The number of shares that are currently in the hands of stockholders
_____ 11. The date on which a corporation announces that a dividend will be paid
_____ 12. Preferred stock that will be repurchased by the issuing company at a fixed future date
_____ 13. A type of dividend in which new shares are distributed to existing stockholders
_____ 14. The privilege of existing stockholders to buy a prorata share of any new stock that is offered for sale
_____ 15. The date on which a dividend is distributed to stockholders
_____ 16. A very large stock dividend
_____ 17. A feature that encourages corporations to make up any previously omitted dividends on preferred stock
_____ 18. The date that determines who will receive a dividend that has been declared

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