Question: CEEMCO Corp is a small privately owned manufacturing company in

CEEMCO Corp. is a small, privately owned manufacturing company in Cincinnati. CEEMCO manufactures custom products as well as store display products to sell to other companies such as retailers. Using an Internet search engine, do a search using the search terms “CEEMCO” and “Cincinnati.” Examine the kind of manufacturing the company does. Once you have completed that, examine an accounting software site such as or Complete the following:
a. Describe the process Ceemco should undertake to determine which accounting software might be the best fit for the company.
b. Although you do not know much about the company, develop a list of requirements you believe any accounting software should have for CEEMCO to consider the software as a viable alternative.
c. Choose an accounting software from your Web search, and describe why you believe it is a good match for CEEMCO.

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