Question: Comment on the ethics of the following situations a A political

Comment on the ethics of the following situations:
a. A political action committee conducts a survey about its cause. At the end of the questionnaire, it includes a request for a donation.
b. A telephone interviewer calls at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday and asks the person who answers the phone to take part in an interview.
c. An industrial manufacturing firm wishes to survey its own distributors. It invents the name “Mountain States Marketing Research” and sends out a mail questionnaire under this name.
d. A questionnaire is printed on the back of a warranty card included inside the package of a food processor. The questionnaire includes a number of questions about shopping behavior, demographics, and customer lifestyles. At the bottom of the warranty card is a short note in small print that says “Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your answers will be used for further studies and to help us serve you better in the future. You will also benefit by receiving important mailings and special offers from a number of organizations whose products and services relate directly to the activities, interests, and hobbies in which you enjoy participating on a regular basis. Please indicate if there is some reason you would prefer not to receive this information.”

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