Question: Dartmouth College professor M Eric Johnson in collaboration with Tiversa

Dartmouth College professor M. Eric Johnson, in collaboration with Tiversa, Inc., a company that monitors peer- to- peer networks to provide security services, wrote an article titled “Data Hemorrhages in the Health- Care Sector.” In preparing the article, Johnson and Tiversa searched the networks for data that could be used to commit medical or financial identity theft. They found a document that contained the Social Security numbers, insurance information, and treatment codes for patients of LabMD, Inc. Tiversa notified LabMD of the find in order to solicit its business. Instead of hiring Tiversa, however, LabMD filed a suit in a federal district court against the company, alleging trespass, conversion, and violations of federal statutes. What do these facts indicate about the security of private information? Explain. How should the court rule?

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