Expensive sunglasses ranging in price from 50 to 200 or
Expensive sunglasses, ranging in price from $50 to $200 or even higher in some cases, have become quite the rage. Ray-Ban, one of the leaders of the pricey sunglasses phenomenon, was joined by numerous other manufacturers, such as Oakley Inc., which specializes in expensive sunglasses for skiers, motor bikers, water sports participants and basketball players, and Gargoyles Performance Eyewear, which makes a wide range of sunglasses ranging in price from $85 to $190. Such variety and high prices reflect a product positioning strategy that has transformed sunglasses from an essentially utilitarian product to an important fashion item associated with upscale, sports-oriented, glamorous lifestyles. What role do retailers play in pulling off this new product positioning strategy with sunglasses? Discuss.
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