Question: For each of the following situations indicate whether it is

For each of the following situations, indicate whether it is a capital (C) or revenue (R) expenditure.
________ A. Purchased land and a building at a cost of $ 750,000 by paying $ 200,000 down and signing a two-year note payable for the remainder.
________ B. Spent $ 325 on a tune-up for a truck used in making deliveries.
________ C. The owner of a restaurant paid a plumber $ 400 to install a new dishwasher in the kitchen.
________ D. Paid $ 1,300 in sales tax on a new delivery van when registering the van at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
________ E. A new machine was accidently damaged during installation. The uninsured cost to repair the machine was $ 1,250.

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