In the article Sweetening Statistics What M M s Can Teach Us Minitab
In the article “Sweetening Statistics—What M&M’s Can Teach Us” (Minitab Inc., August 2008), M. Paret and E. Martz discussed several statistical analyses that they performed on bags of M&Ms. The authors took a random sample of 30 small bags of peanut M&Ms and obtained the following weight, in grams (g).
a. Determine a 95% lower confidence bound for the mean weight of all small bags of peanut M&Ms. (Note: The sample mean and sample standard deviation of the data are 52.040 g and 2.807 g, respectively.)
b. Interpret your result in part (a).
c. According to the package, each small bag of peanut M&Ms should weigh 49.3 g. Comment on this specification in view of your answer to part (b).
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