Question: Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or

Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by writing T or F in the answer column.
1. A general agent is a person authorized to assume complete charge of his or her principal’s business. 1. ___________
2. A competent party may delegate his or her service on a jury to another by appointing an agent. 2. ___________
3. An agent is reasonable in assuming that he or she has the authority that is related to the responsibilities covered in the contract of agency. 3. ___________
4. An agent is liable to the principal for any losses that result from the agent’s neglect or incompetence. 4. ___________
5. A principal is liable for an agent’s torts and crimes if they were committed in the ordinary course of the agent’s performance of authorized duties. 5. ___________
6. An agent representing a partially disclosed principal becomes a party to the contract.
6. ___________
7. In a contract between an agent and a third party, the agent can be held responsible to the third party if the identity of the principal is not disclosed. 7. ___________
8. An employee who performs only mechanical acts under the employer’s direction and is subject to the employer’s control is still legally an agent. 8. ___________
9. Acts of an employee while performing duties of employment are considered the acts of the employer. 9. ___________
10. If an agency exists “at will,” the principal has the right to revoke the agency agreement and discharge the agent, provided such discharge is for a good reason. 10. ___________

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