Question: Janet has a PAP with the following coverages Liability coverages

Janet has a PAP with the following coverages:
Liability coverages: $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 Medical payments coverage: $5000 each person Uninsured motorists coverage: $25,000 each person Collision loss: $250 deductible Other-than-collision loss: $100 deductible Towing and labor cost coverage: $75 each disablement.
To what extent, if any, is each of the following losses covered under Janet's PAP? Treat each event separately.
a. Janet rents a car while on vacation. She is involved in an accident with another motorist when she fails to yield the right of way. The injured motorist is awarded a judgment of $100,000. The rental agency carries only liability limits of $30,000 on the rental car. The rental agency carries no collision insurance on its cars and is seeking $15,000 from Janet for repairs to the rental car.
b. Janet borrows her friend's car with permission. Janet is in an accident with another motorist in which she is at fault. The cost of repairing the friend's car is $5000. The friend's auto policy has a $500 deductible for collision losses and $100 for other-than-collision losses.
c. Janet is employed as a salesperson and is furnished a company car. She is involved in an accident with another motorist while driving the company car during business hours. The injured motorist claims Janet is at fault and sues her for $100,000. Damage to the company car amounts to $5000.
d. Janet's car will not start because of a defective battery.
A tow truck brings the car to a service station where the battery is replaced. Towing charges are $60. The cost of replacing the battery is $100.

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