Question: Let s assume that you have been asked to calculate risk based

Let’s assume that you have been asked to calculate risk-based capital ratios for a bank with the following accounts:
Cash = $5 million
Government securities = $7 million
Mortgage loans = $30 million
Other loans = $50 million
Fixed assets = $10 million
Intangible assets = $4 million
Loan-loss reserves = $5 million
Owners’ equity =$5 million
Trust-preferred securities = $3 million
Cash assets and government securities are not considered risky. Loans secured by real estate have a 50 percent weighting factor. All other loans have a 100 percent weighting factor in terms of riskiness.
a. Calculate the equity capital ratio.
b. Calculate the Tier 1 Ratio using risk-adjusted assets
c. Calculate the Total Capital (Tier 1 plus Tier 2) Ratio using risk-adjusted assets.

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