Question: Match the following terms and definitions a integrative decision model

Match the following terms and definitions.
a. integrative decision model (IDM)
b. digital dashboard
c. open database connectivity (ODBC)
d. macros
e. spreadsheet identifier (SSID)
f. dimensional database
g. algorithm

___ 1. Translates data analysis query commands into commands that are compatible with RDBMS commands to extract data from an operational database
___ 2. A step-by-step solution to a problem
___ 3. Contains one fact database table and one or more dimension database tables
___ 4. Each spreadsheet is assigned a unique identifier.
___ 5. Automatically perform a sequence of analysis tasks, step by step
___ 6. A framework to structure the decision-making process and incorporate both qualitative and quantitative considerations in the decision
___ 7. An interactive form that combines charts, graphs, figures, tables, and data cubes

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