Question: On January 2 2011 Press Company purchased on the open

On January 2, 2011, Press Company purchased on the open market 90% of the outstanding common stock of Sensor Company for $800,000 cash. Balance sheets for Press Company and Sensor Company on January 1, 2011, just before the stock acquisition by Press Company, were:

The full implied value of Sensor Company is to be “pushed down” and recorded in Sensor Company’s books. The excess of the implied fair value over the book value of net assets acquired is allocated as follows: To equipment, 30%; to land, 20%; to patents, 50%.

A. Prepare the entry on Sensor Company’s books on January 2, 2011, to record the values implied by the 90% stock purchase by Press Company.
B. Prepare a consolidated balance sheet workpaper on January 1,2011.
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