On September 8 2009 Coomer went to the Kansas City
On September 8, 2009, Coomer went to the Kansas City Royals baseball game with his father. Instead of sitting in their ticketed seats, Coomer and his father sat in open seats six rows behind the third base dugout, to be closer to the game. Between the third and fourth innings, the Royals had a promotional event called the “Hotdog Launch,” which it had held at home games for several years. The Royals mascot launched 20 to 30 hotdogs at the fans, either by throwing or fired through an air gun. The hotdogs shot out of the air gun were wrapped in bubble wrap and the ones thrown by hand were typically wrapped in foil. As the mascot prepared to throw hotdogs from behind his back in Coomer’s direction, Coomer looked over at the scoreboard just before something hit him in the face. The impact caused a detached retina and other eye problems, leading to two surgeries. Coomer brought a personal injury lawsuit against the Kansas City Royals.
a. How might the baseball team defend itself? Explain.
b. Decide the case. Explain.
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